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Alert: Flight Cancellations and Delays for Students Arriving this Weekend

August 27, 2011

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Hello, hosts!

While your coordinators are attempting to keep abreast of all itinerary changes for incoming students this Saturday and Sunday, the high volume of arrivals this weekend means we could sure use a hand. After all, working in cooperation means that both parties are better prepared to address any flight cancellations or delays.

Our coordinators will report any changes to a student’s flight itinerary after periodic status checks throughout the day. However, we also advise hosts to make use of the FAA’s website and your airport’s website for airport closing information. Statuses of flights are updated most frequently on the air carrier’s website (see below for links).

Hosts unable to make the trip to the airport due to dangerous weather conditions should leave a voicemail message on our office lines–all voicemail messages will be directed to one voicemail inbox that we will be monitoring throughout the day.

Thank you!

Asiana Airlines

American Airlines
China Airlines
Delta Air Lines
Korean Air
US Airways
United Airlines

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