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4 Benefits for International Students at U.S. High Schools

June 14, 2013

First, you need to make sure that you are ready to make the move to a high school far, far away.  According to the online article “4 Benefits for International Students at U.S. High Schools” at, there are four specific points to take into consideration when moving to a new school.


1)      English Training Experience

i)        Being immersed in American culture helps the student to learn the English language better than watching American TV and movies.

(i)      You cannot engage in a real conversation with a cartoon character like you would with an actual person.

ii)       Also, even though you may score high on the SAT or TOEFL, it does not mean that you may be able to fluently speak and understand the language.

2)      Pre-College Navigation

i)        It is easier for international students to apply to U.S. colleges when they have already experienced school in the U.S. (i.e. high school)

ii)       As stated in the article, “It’s much easier to compare apples to apples when you’re looking at students coming from a U.S. institution, regardless of whether they’re an international student” (Hopkins, 2012).

(i)      For example: if a student has experienced living and going to school in America before applying to colleges, they might feel more comfortable in a classroom setting where English is the main language.

3)      College Readiness

i)        International students that are exposed to American-style teaching before college will have an easier time with their academics than students are not exposed to this.

ii)       Not understanding the English language can make it difficult to participate in class and interact with other students.

4)      Social Acculturation

i)        Kids who come to the U.S. for high school learn how to conform to American social norms.

(i)      Examples of social norms are: timeliness, waving at someone to say “Hello” or “Good-bye,” and keeping eye contact while speaking to another person.

ii)       The transition to college can be tough so it helps for international students to have an idea of what they are getting into before they “dive-in.”

(i)      Reading about the university, high school, or middle school that you will be attending and the city or town you will be living in can help your transition in to a new and different lifestyle.


Courtesy of Ian Wilson on Flickr


Hopkins, Katy. (2012). 4 Benefits for International Students at U.S. High Schools. USNews. Retrieved from

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