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Study Habits

June 18, 2013

According to, here are the top ten things you should consider doing to improve your study habits!

  • Write down every assignment
    • Most schools give out an “assignment notebook.”
    •   These are a great way of keeping all your homework assignments and the days they are due organized.
    • Make sure not to lose your assignment notebook!
  • Remember to bring your homework to class
  • Communicate with your teacher
    • If you are having trouble in a class, don’t be afraid to ask the teacher for help!
    • If you are not sure if you are struggling or not, ask your teacher to print a copy of your grades so you may then ask questions about the areas you are not doing very well in.
  • Color coordinate your materials
    • Go out and buy different color folders and spiral notebooks.
    • Then label each pair (folder and spiral) for each class you are taking that semester.
      • i.e. Algebra (blue), English (yellow), Chemistry (green)
  • Create a study room at home
    • Creating a space that makes you feel comfortable, makes it easier to study.
    • Try to avoid areas with large windows or distracting artwork on the walls and televisions.
  • Prepare for exams
    • Make sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep and eat breakfast before taking your exam!
    • Use the study guide! Study guides give you a general feel for the information that will be presented on the exam.
  • Figure out which way you learn best
    • Auditory: This is when you learn better by listening to a teacher or peer say the information out loud.
    • Visual: This is when you learn better by actually seeing the information in front of you.
    • Tactile: You learn best by doing “hand-on” projects.
  • Take notes
    • Copy down all notes written notes the teacher displays during class.
    • Also, make sure to pay attention as the teacher talks, many times they give out extra information that may not be presented in their written notes!
  • Do not procrastinate
    • This is when you wait until the last minute to do an assignment.
    •  It can lead to you overwhelming yourself the night before an assignment is due.
    • Try to create a schedule for yourself that breaks up large projects or papers into mini-assignments over time.
      • i.e. By Monday have an outline done, Wednesday have a rough draft done, Saturday have the rough draft read by a peer, the following Tuesday have project completely finished because it is due Wednesday.
  • Always remember to take care of yourself

Fleming, Grace. (2013). 10 Great Study Habits: To Improve Your Performance. Retrieved from

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